Hoyt Corkins
A new frame that encompasses a stylistic design guaranteed to
satisfy the taste of discriminating players from Alabama to the
West Coast. Metal spring hinges for adjustability and comfort.
Gunmetal half frame construction. Black adjustable nose guards.
Black arm tips. The Blue Shark name etched on the left lens. The
Hoyt Corkins Limited Edition has it all!

With UV400 for outdoor use

Size: 65-16-130
One "Chark" deserves another! This may well be our crowning
achievement. A metal frame, with black rubber tips and
adjustable nose bridge for ultimate comfort. Add spring hinges
and our Crystalion-3 lenses and you now have the ultimate edge
at the poker table.

NOW with UV400 protection for outdoor use!

Size: 62-15-128
Both Sailfin models come with a strap that can be used for more vigorous activities. Simply pop out the arms and replace them with the strap.
We are proud to introduce the Chris Moneymaker Signature
! Named in honor and respect to the man who arguably
triggered the poker explosion we are witnessing today. This is an
extremely lightweight and yet sturdy metal frame that
encompasses the spirit of classy eyewear. The lightweight frame
along with spring hinges, a padded ear piece, and a clear
adjustable nose piece will give you pure comfort, while our
Crystalion-3™ lenses will provide security and vision.

With UV400 for outdoor use

Size: 64-17-125
If a traditional look is not in your personality, and if you are
looking for something unique and ultra-contemporary, say hello
to the
Lemon Shark. A clear frame surrounded by a yellow splash
of brilliant yellow. Yellow rubber nosepiece for comfort. A yellow
sculptured rubber insert that runs the length of the arms. Wrap-
around for total protection and visual security. With our
Crystalion-3™ specialty lenses for complete visual security and
unparalleled vision.

With UV400 for Outdoor use

Size: 60-15-119
Welcome to the future! The Sailfin Shark is a multi-functional frame that can be used in poker as well as in other activities that involve
an active lifestyle. A wraparound firm-fit shiny black frame with removable arms. Insert the strap included, and change the functionality
to suit your other activities. Keep the lenses clear from fogging on the inside with the permanently attached foam insert that is
designed to provide comfort and long-term wear. The perforated foam provides air flow and keeps the lenses from fogging. Available
in two color schemes, orange and green, the Sailfin Shark provides comfort, looks, and multi-functionality.

With UV400 for outdoor protection

Size: 61-18-123
Chris Moneymaker
A semi-clear wraparound frame with dark undertones promises
complete protection from all angles. Splashes of gray in the
rubber nose bridge and inside the arm tips. A truly beautiful
frame awaits your selection.

Now with UV400 for outside use!

Size: 69-17-124
The Great White is back. If you prefer a distinct and aggressive
look this is it. Blue nose pieces and blue arm tips combine with a
blue streak on the outside to create a unique and comfortable
look and feel. For the table captain.

Now with UV400 for outside use!

Size: 69-17-124
Rick Blumenthal of PPU
Player Photo Coming
We brought the Reef Shark back, re-designed and re-structured
for comfort and effectiveness. A black matte wraparound frame
that is as lightweight as any in the market. Splashes of red have
been added to give this frame a super-aggressive look. And it
comes with a set of polarized dark lenses for outdoors. Easy lens
replacement and added functionality make the Reef Shark a
potent weapon.

Now with UV400 for outside use!

Size: 70-18-125
The Reef Shark comes with an extra set of polarized dark lenses for outdoor use.
The new Jonathan Little Platinum Edition delivers what it
promises: Style and sporty sophistication. A lightweight
gunmetal wrap-around frame provides the protection along
with our Crystalion-3 lenses. Added features include spring
hinges and highly comfortable and adjustable nose pads.
Meant to be worn by a champion.  

With UV400 for outdoor use

Size: 62-15-131
The Fossilman has abandoned his old "signature" glasses for
this high-octane model. And correctly so. A lightweight metal
frame in shinny gold finish. Narrow lenses add to the
aggressive look. And wide enough to fit most larger head
dimensions. With spring hinges and adjustable nose pieces.

With UV400 for outdoor use

Size: 65-13-140
Antonio Payne, BSO Team USA pro
Humberto Brenes
This is the Third Edition of Jonathan Little's Signature Series.
Similar aviator style but totally re-designed for maximum
effectiveness and comfort. A double center over-bridge makes
it distinct with added support. Spring hinges and adjustable
nose pads add to the comfort while slim arms add to the
overall lightweight construction.

With UV400 for outdoor use

Size: 61-12-130
"In today’s era, Poker and sunglasses
go together like peanut butter and
jelly.  But we’ve never seen a
company as committed to the specific
needs of poker players as Blue Shark.
Ty Stewart, VP of the WSOP

"Using Blue Shark Optics glasses
makes it much easier to put in long 12-
hour-plus days at the table during
tournaments. I have been using Blue
Shark Optics glasses for almost five
years, and I highly recommend them".
Chris Moneymaker

"The best poker tool in the market!"
Jonathan Little

Jayson Larkin, Atlanta, GA

"Unbelievable product! The old
sunglasses are now left in the car..."
Harriet Thomas, New York, NY

"Been looking for a solution, and like
everyone else been wasting my time...
Then, I found Blue Shark!... Hello!..."
Kay Brandon, Del Mar, CA

"Young Phan has been raving about
Blue Shark, so I decided to try them...
He was not kidding!..."
John Tranton, LA, CA

"Thanks for a truly superior product.
Have been recommending you to my
Sig Norfeld, Miami, FL

"What a great value! Not only for
poker, but I also use them at work. My
eyes feel so much better!..."
Timothy D'antonio, Tampa, FL

"My game has been improved big
time! I swear by Blue Shark..."
Paul Brookfield, Las Vegas, NV

"You guys have the only real poker
glasses that are worthy of the name.
And I've tried them all..."
Richard Driston, Dallas, TX

"Been recommending you... You
should give me a commission!..."
Paul Kopanos, Boston, MA

"Love my new Blue Sharks..."
Tom Mastfield, San Diego, CA

"My new glasses have finally given me
the vision that I need at the poker
Clay Warfield, Del Mar, CA

"Recommending you for the poker Hall
of Fame (if there is such a thing)!
Seriously, great product!..."
Antonio Lomas, Las Vegas, NV

"A friend told me about your glasses,
and I ordered a pair. Best move I
have made in years!..."
Herb Schneider, Detroit, MI

"My eyes are protected and I can see
clearly. Love it!..."
Jonathan Wright, Buffalo, NY

"How does it feel to have no real
Craig Gordon, Denver, CO

"Everything is now clear. Let's play
some poker!..."
Dalton Taub, San Fransisco, CA

"Wow, wow, WOW!"...
George Schomer, Boston, MA

"The lenses work really well, but the
thing that impresses me the most is
the quality of the frames. Well
Anna Linton, Columbus, OH

"I couldn't be happier with the
glasses... Additionally, the customer
service is excellent!"
Sam S, Golden's Bridge, NY
BSO Team Pro Abbey Daniels
A black shinny plastic frame with a streak of aggressive white
and deep Crystalion-3 lenses. A contemporary and sophisticated
European design with elements of vintage. Not for the fashion
challenged. Lightweight and durable construction.

With UV400 for outdoor use

Size: 65-14-127
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The Cat Shark
The Cat Shark Bifocal
Player photo coming
New, and wouldn't you know it, the Cat Shark promises to be an instant hit. Extremely lightweight and
pliable due to its TR-90 frame construction, in black matt, with an adjustable nose piece and rubber-tipped
arms, the Cat Shark has been designed with your comfort as priority number one. The hiding of your eyes
and the penetration of maximum light are the added features that make the Cat Shark a potent visual
instrument at the poker table.

NOW with UV400 protection for outdoor use!

Size: 70-20-136

Available with Bifocal lenses